Natured Sounds

‘Natured Sounds’ is an attempt to fuse nature and humans together, in order to create a collaboration. The scientific discipline of ‘Sonification’ lay the foundation for this project. This is the art of turning data into sound.


This project uses tree species data, specifically, the leaves, so different species can be selected within the Max MSP patch. Within the patch, ten species are present, allowing the collaborator to select a combination of species, divided up into four tracks. The data is programmed into Max MSP. It is then constructed into a generative system, stemming from the theory on ‘Cybernetics’ and the idea that information and data are at the core of our universe.


The interactive aspect of the project uses analogue synthesisers to receive the midi information from the tree data via Max MSP to Ableton. This way, the user can experience a more hands on experience and be a part of the collaboration, by twisting knobs and sonically changing the sounds by hand in real time. Creating this improvisation between the two collaborators – human and nature – with the machine being the vector.


The fixation with nature truly came to light during the circumstance our world currently faces. COVID-19 forced the closures of the events and hospitality industry, a hard blow to the sector and giving him a bleak outlook on what he was previously working towards. My one walk a day helped him escape the reality of the world and left him to truly enjoy nature, uninterrupted. Though this solitude, I started to wonder how we perceive nature through sound and how we could best represent it through sound and recordings. Could we collaborate with it?


Live Demo of Installation