Neighbourhood is a project inspired by the current disconnect between consumers and their food- both their access to and understanding of produce. Taking a localised focus, by bringing together communities and redesigning how people shop within their local high street. Currently shopping with a low-waste focus is a luxury often geopraphically and financially inaccessible for many.

With our current climate crisis it is imperative that people are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to consume responsibly to ensure it can be achieved by a variety of users. Working closely with members of a local community I was able to gain insight and commentary from stakeholders themselves while designing in response to their needs/wants. It was crucial that this concept was applicable to different circumstances- making information digestible and easy.

Components of Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood acts as a multilayered system that users can access at different levels dependent on their interest. To achieve this it comprises of a start-up guide, digital app and flexible storage for your food- all with the intention fo making users consider their consumption and have further access to information on their food.

Initial Insight

Often we are reminded of our negative food consumption habits which can be due to a lack of understanding of how to store, treat and use our food. Supermarkets as we experience them today do very little to combat this narrative and encourage positive changes.

Access to low impact living

Continually throughout the project I worked closely with a user group, featuring people who led a multitude of different lifestyles. This was an opportunity to test ideas with intended users while developing the system.

Material Exploration

Throughout the project I worked with a series of natural materials manipulating them to reinvent their use. Eventually settling on TetraPak- due to its low rates of recycling across the globe. Working with its pre-exisitng structure to create a flexible storage solution as currently only 25% of the Tetra Pak produced is recycled.

Information handling

Neighbourhood intends to inform users of their produce, availability and general community communication- creating an informal way to educate. The interface specifically looks to allow access to your local high street, community feed and supply chains of each of your individual products, creating more consumption awareness.