Ode to the Ordinary

Ode to the Ordinary is a love letter to the everyday, a call for us to slow down – a bid for the boring. A short film produced through the medium of stop motion, this project is a dedication to the things we overlook. The film’s narrative is a tentative, almost shy plea from the everyday that yearns for our attention.

The ability to see the beauty in the ordinary is one that requires practice; the appreciation of the mundane a muscle that needs to be trained. By showing affectionate vignettes of spaces we dwell in most, this project hopes to encourage introspection in its audience, and ultimately, help them realise the beauty in the everyday that has been waiting all along.

Ode to the Window Ledge

Ode to the Office Plant

Ode to the Water Cooler

Ode to the Work Desk

Ode to Breakfast