Omphalos – Repurposing The High Street

Omphalos was created as part of my honours project this year, it is a public sector organisation that would opperate as part of the Scottish government in an attempt to revive and repurpose under developed high streets and town centers around the country. With the aid of local councils and the participation of communities, Omphalos would arrange live events that utilise technologies and systems found within smart cities in order to explore how they could benefit and alter the traditional high street that we know today. In addition to this, successful events will also have the opportunity to be funded via growd funding campaigns allowing the residents of the local area to decide whether or not this is something they would like to see in their own town.

For more information view the link bellow to be taken to the Omphalos website.


Omphalos is a public sector organisation that organise and host live events within underdeveloped towns and areas to explore how systems of sybiosis found within smart cities, can be utilised to bring new purpose and experiences.


'The Death of the High Street' is a concept I am sure most are familiar with at this point, however in the context of local towns and villages around Scotland, we are already witnessing this becoming reality. A problem that is resulting in large amounts of unused land and property.


More and more highstreets around the country are facing this unfortunate inevitability, in the very near future we will have to look for ways to utilise these spaces more effectively


A mock of the high street was constructed in order to explore the concept and create a visual for the exemplar event that was designed for the main outcome.


The final event would explore the possibilty of turning large empty stores into multi-purpose spaces that are more affordable and offer brand new experiences to the high street.