One house doesn’t fit all

As humans, we have a distinct ability to adapt to our surroundings, times or social habits. This project aims to analyse this ability, through studies of the ever-changing relationship between labour and domesticity in our lives, and the changing approaches that we have to our private and public lives.

With the theme of adaptability and flexibility, the project tries to imagine how the built environment could change and shift over time, evolving with ourselves, to allow an intricate community to inhabit and claim its neighbourhood.

The thesis aims to provide flexibility and adaptability throughout a range of scales, from adaptable partition walls within apartments, the opportunity to adapt and inhabit thresholds in communal areas to the assumed possibility of inhabitants claiming as much space as is needed.

Currently, over 60% of the population has a possibility of working from a desk – an opportunity that can often be accommodated within domestic settings. However, it is important to recognise that with an increasing amount of home working caused by the pandemic, there is a necessity of space to become flexible for 100% of us. Speculating about the future of living and working, the project aims to respond to these needs by creating several communal working spaces, ranging from the district library, co-working office and workshops located in the courtyard. Within the new dwelling, the craft can be present, merging the new domestic setting with a long tradition of skilled labour on site.

One house doesn't fit all

The secret lives of homes

What happens when density decreases?

Site context study

Circular economy of neighbourhoods

Corners as recognisable destinations within urban fabric

How to live and work?

Ground floor plan

How to live?

First and Second floor plans

How to live?

Third and Fourth floor plans

What forms a treshold?

Journey from the public courtyard into the private

Labour within the domestic

Historical overview of functions on site

What works between the domestic?

Long section

Meet me in the courtyard

Massing and main circulation colonnade

Materiality study

What's fitting?