One Third Pitch

This is a Secretgroundsman project. The site used to be a full sized football pitch. This is an attempt to make the remaining third of the pitch playable again. An area for penalty shoot-outs, practicing corners, headers and volleys, free-kicks just outside the box and for a place to sit and watch.

Gravel Grid

January - April (2021) Ongoing An attempt to make the playing surface even again. The gravel is shifted using a wheelbarrow, rake, shovel and broom. I begin with raking the gravel into small piles across the site. These are then moved using the wheelbarrow and shovelled to the back end of the site behind the tree logs. I then begin this process again. Each layer takes around 2 weeks to finish

Layer 1 of gravel removal

Layer 2 gravel removal

Layer 3 gravel removal

5th October 2020

state of goal when first visited site

17th March 2021

bushes and shrubbery removed from goal mouth

19th April 2021

rust removed from goalpost

22nd April 2021

goalpost painted re-painted white

11th May 2021

goal net added

current state of One Third Pitch

Site under construction.