4 out of every 5 people are at least partially unaware of the risk of closure of F&B establishments in Funan Mall due to fierce competition. As 57% of respondents renounce that rice is the most important thing on the table, 64% of all agreed there are minor shifts in their relationship with F&B brands that will have long-lasting implications ever since COVID-19

Rice to meet you! PaddyPals is a hypothetical rebranding of Paddyfolks, a discontinued local F&B business that offers a range of delicious, healthy Japanese-Western Fusion Rice Bowls in Funan Mall.

PaddyPals believes in a new age brand strategy and held responsible for the community to improve or change young adult’s lives towards the role perception of rice consumption. Moreover, PaddyPals is inspired by an appreciation of the environment and sustainable food practices through cultivating social and cultural behaviours in a fast food society for a better future.