Penguin x Spotify

You Love the Song, You’ll Love the Music

Penguin make books for everyone an a book can change anyone. However, Penguin have a challenge on their hands where young people don’t see people they can relate to in the literature they’re reading.

Therefore, we are tasked to reimagine the role of books, reading and authors for secondary school students in the UK (11-18 year olds) and enable young adults to engage with a wider range of books and authors who reflect a diverse and inclusive society.

“Young people can’t find anything to read that interest them!”

But young people do connect with music.
So what if we use music to connect young people to books?

↓ View the deck to find out more on how we make reading happen!

You Love the Song, You'll Love the Story | Social Media Ad

You Love the Song, You'll Love the Story | Outdoor Ad