Performance hall walkthrough

Entering the performance hall

Reception/waiting area

This reception and gathering space for the audience before watching a performance is an open yet suspenseful space. The slope and ceiling add an intimate atmosphere. It enhances the feeling you get before one is about to enter a wonderful experience while remaining in class. One can look out through the skylight to mountains beyond and enjoy the warmth from the sun which enters the opening above. This space is designed to bring people together before a performance. To feel comfortable, to feel excited and to share their thoughts with each other beforehand.

Interior of performance hall in action!

The performance hall is a space of celebration, a place of creativity, togetherness and joy! This space is designed to bring each individual the best time. Whether that's performing or enjoying the show, the performance hall makes everyone in the room feel as though they are in Ballochs beautiful landscape, with a massive spanning glazed wall offering an incredible view onto the loch. Raked seating allows for staff to comfortably step in and help kids while performing. This design welcomes those of all ages and backgrounds and aims to create a home from home feeling even in a designated stage performance hall.

Live interior view of performance hall

In this video, you can visualise how the building sits on the landscape, creating an almost floating sensation whilst in this space. Getting the feeling as though you are perhaps on a boat travelling through Loch Lomond, a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere while listening to truly uplifting orchestrated music.