The impact material choices can have on the future is undoubtedly significant. Integrating both design and ecology into one practice creates immense potential for change; design has the capacity to alter the world as we know it, and a new breed of designers are reimagining traditional processes and creating new ones with sustainability and social welfare at their centre. My concept, Phyto, is a multi-generational platform from which to stimulate the mind about our place as human beings within the context of the natural world, a place to consider our position and, ultimately, our responsibility globally. Phyto offers a space to come and learn about the alternative uses of plant waste and how we can benefit from these products in our day-to-day life; how the impact of using them, rather than wasting them, can affect the future of the planet. Phyto explores the role of designers and how they affect lifestyles, with a primary focus on plant waste and sustainability.

The site, Bellgrove Cattle Market, was originally a space for trading, sorting, and packaging meat. Initially, the cattle trade was quite a sustainable practice; the animal was butchered for meat from nose to tail and then placed in minimal packaging. The waste created was then recycled into other objects such as leather and broth. The abattoir was abandoned as new linear farming, and slaughter processes came into practice moving away from the original less wasteful model. I intend to recreate a cyclical ethos focusing on the needs of today. My concept splits the site into six zones, the garden, eatery, design residence, maker space, exhibition space and retail store. The movement through the spaces reflects the circularity of waste, each area leading to the next in physical terms, following the evolution of the waste by-products in the process.

the site

coordinates: 260722, 664975

bellgrove - abstract sound analysis