Pocketwitch: Original illustrations


Witchcraft: Feminine energy, water and lunar energy, protection against accidents. • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-bacterial, antioxidant • Trolldom: Against envy, jealousy and unhappiness


Witchcraft: Blessings, love, money, happiness • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-inflammatory, digestive health, fights cancer, anti-depressant, detoxifying • Trolldom- basil lifts the spirits of uninspired situations and strengthens motivation to act


Witchcraft: Passion, shielding, quick success, spirit evocation, fire magick • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic • Trolldom- cinnamon makes people warm up to you


Witchcraft: Wishes, divination, calling spirits, charisma, success • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, liver health • Trolldom: Psychic visions, communicate with spirits


Witchcraft: Repelling negative energies, breaking spells, breaking dark thinking, preventing nightmares • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antibiotic properties, anti-inflammatory, boost immunity, antibacterial, protects against cancer • Trolldom- garlic attracts all spirits and energies


Witchcraft: Passion, fire, success, personal power • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anti- inflammatory, antioxidant • Trolldom- spices up relationships


Witchcraft: Cleansing, purifying, boosting energy, sweetness, charm • Nutrition/ medicinal: Vitamin C, prevents kidney stones, antiviral • Trolldom: Breaks spells, antidote for poisons


Witchcraft: Courage, consecration, protection, healing, deterring evil • Nutrition/ medicinal: Vitamins A, C and K, B, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, essential amino acids, antioxidants. I use nettle to relieve inflammation and pain from rheumatoid arthritis • Trolldom: Nettle protects against slurs, gossip and envy

Raspberry leaf

Witchcraft: Love, enjoyment, tempting others, divination • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, reducing inflammation, vitamin A+B6+C, calcium+zinc • Trolldom- to strengthen faithfulness and loyalty


Witchcraft: Charms of love, beauty, harmony, divination, goddess rites • Nutrition/ medicinal: Anticeptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic • Trolldom: A white rose is the flower of the moon and light, symbolises witchcraft, womanhood, secresy and transformation. A red rose stands for love, blood, sex and romance.


Witchcraft: Cleansing, purification, vitality, wisdom, protection • Nutrition/ medicinal: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive • Trolldom: For faithfulness, used in bridal bouquets, protects against evil, calms fights.


• Witchcraft: Psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes, curses, reversal magick • Nutrition/ medicinal: Treating fevers, treating muscle pain. Natural anti-depressant • Trolldom: Keeps evil spirits and trolls away