aequor – proposed pieces

silicone, fishing line

This neckpiece is made from layers of rippled silicone. Sheets of the material are made then shaped into ruffles. The ruffles are made by sewing a continuous line of fishing line through them. This line also creates the necklace chain.

resin, nylon, steel, silver

This piece is made from a resin cast with fishing line threaded through drilled holes. The base is a silver wire frame, it holds the resin with posts that fill drilled holes.

silcone, silver, steel

The components are made from casted resin urchins, then layered silicone pieces are glued underneath. The brooch frame is made from a silver frame, the top components are connected by posts that are drilled into the resin.

clay, silver, steel

The clay components are hand sculpted and are attached to the silver brooch frame via posts. The clay is pressed onto the posts whilst it is still drying to provide a strong connection.

bronze, silicone, steel

The bronze feature is made from a wax casting. This piece is attached to the silver frame with a claw setting. The rippled silicone piece is removable and is held in with the tension of the frame and bronze top.

bronze, silver

The casted bronze rings are created with a wax mould of expanding foam and a wax shank is added. They have been adorned with silver features riveted on. Such features include domes, tubing and formed twisted metal.

bronze, silver

The casted bronze features are created with a wax mould of expanding foam. A silver chain is then fixed behind the castings via a silver tube soldered on.

silver, steel

The silver elements are comprised of domed and drilled sheet. 1mm wire is then rolled down and formed with pliers to create tendrils. These parts are then soldered onto a silver wire frame to create the brooch.