Max for Live Patch

Created by Craig Hawthorne


‘Pulse’ is an interactive audio piece that uses a heartrate monitor, an Arduino, and a custom Max for Live plug-in to allow a user to influence elements of a song through the use of their heartbeat alone. As the user’s heartbeat comes through the device, it activates a kick drum, which creates a musical representation of their pulse. The heartrate data also controls various elements of an FM synthesiser – including the pitch, modulation frequency, and ADSR settings, causing the sound to constantly change and evolve in different ways, depending on the speed of the user’s heartrate.




‘Pulse’ captures the most intimate aspects of our relationship with sound by allowing the user to bring life to the project through the use of their own life-bringing bodily functions. The result is the creation of an immersive, harmonious, visceral experience that displays the back-and-forth emotions between us and the sounds that we hear, make, and feel.


pulse sensor