‘The history of art is full of women lying around naked for erotic consumption by men.’ writes Siri Hustvedt in her insightful collection of essays. The distinction between viewer/viewed has been used in various forms for the benefit of men throughout art’s history, and in the context of photography this imbalance is no different. Berger also notes this in a wider frame of reference in his seminal Ways of Seeing, stating that ‘…men act and women appear. Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at.’

The following photographs have been taken with no one behind the lens – utilising the camera timer removes the normal relationship between looker (photographer) and looked at (subject). To remove this indifference, and become as much a part of the image as the maker of it, attempts to question some of the previously embedded forms of power and authority within the photographic image; the process instead becomes a collaboration between us both.


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For Sale: £12