A speculative health device for 2031

It is 2031, and our world is in flux and chaos where systems are changing, and people are disrupting old societal structures, organisations, and top-down approaches to health and care. People share knowledge, systems are interconnected, and the world is full of complexities and uncertainties. Care systems have failed people, and people have chosen to care for themselves. There is a growing movement toward preventative self-care.

Remedi is a speculative service designed to help citizens engage in preventative care within their communities locally and globally. The device aids users to understand the history and science around medicines with the aim of highlighting the influence of big pharma, and potential side effects from pharmaceuticals, to enable people to make an informed choice. Health systems often just offer medications to treat symptoms rather than investigating the underlying health issues and concentrating on those.

“Doctors like diagnoses, society expects treatment. We then get the over-medicalisation of non-medical problems.” – Rob Jones, Consultant

Remedi offers alternatives in the form of natural medicines, lifestyle changes and a community of support. Users can scan everything from cough syrup to prescribed medications. Remedi supports people in connecting the dots between their health and medication and shows them ways of changing their lifestyle to reverse their illness.

The impact of Remedi could be huge for health systems in reducing costs and empowering citizens to make better choices to participate in their own health outcomes. It could lower government spending on pharmaceuticals and free up GP time, it could even have an environmental impact in lowering the use of environmentally harmful medications.

“Remedi is great, it is unbelievable what is sold that doesn’t work, would be great to have something to solve that.” – Kate G – GP


Listening to Remedi

Users can have an intimate listening experience with Remedi, they can find out about their own diagnosis, medication and lifestyle changes by lifting the top and placing it to their ear.

Sound changes

Remedi's volume changes from loud speaker when on the device to very quite when near your ears. Users can choose how they want to experience the sound.

Health in homeware

Remedi is created from wheel-thrown ceramics and slip-cast to make a beautiful, discreet homewares inspired device.

Project process journal