Renata Scotland

“Renata” means reborn in Latin. This is central to the ethos of my speculative non-profit which I created as a direct response to addressing poverty of ceremony after experiencing death, during the grieving process. To facilitate this Renata Scotland partners with private estates who are part of Scottish Land and Estates (formerly Scottish Landowners Association) to ensure public access to walking routes and areas of Natural Beauty.

Within these designated spaces I have provided natural “shrines” for people to visit to have a peaceful moment of reflection when experiencing grief and loss. The shrines are placed during spring Equinox and will reintegrate into nature after Samhain. Using seasonality as the backbone to our community practice allows for personal growth in tandem with seasonal change. Users are invited to break away a piece of the shrine during their visit as a souvenir for reflection to take home.

In this case human action helps to fuel the natural cycle. By breaking away wax talismans from the shrine it allows for the shrine to reintegrate back into its natural surroundings. The base of the shrine itself is made using found materials. In my example I have used found wood but this could be apply to anything which the talismans could stick to. I propose that the talismans themselves are made of eco-friendly waxes. Wax is a very malleable substance allowing the user to alter or dispose of the wax in any way they see fit for them. This allows for a private moment of reflection and release through loss via acts such as melting or giving away the talisman.




Observing layers and relationships between organisms in nature


Visualising interplay between life, death and spirits from a cyclical angle


This is the walkthrough for the Renata Scotland Website. This site allows users to locate the nearest shrine to them, plan journeys and download maps. It also includes an archive of previous shrines and shrines to come.


The Renata Scotland shrine placed in nature to allow users to break off talismans. This affords the user a moment of reflection whilst helping the shrine return to nature by removing its covering of talismans


A moment of reflection after breaking away a talisman.


The talismans can then be taken home and altered to create a meaningful memento to mark the occasion

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