🠒 Spaces

The second part of the project, will look into re-creating the market space in the complex. It explores how spatial sequencing together with responsive elements help enhance a users experience in a space. Part 2 aims to look into inviting people in, using the market space to revitalise the commercial area and to bring more people to wander into atrium and to start to explore the other floors of the complex.

Spatial Sequencing

An investigation on the site and the spatial configuration was conducted. To identify the current situation in the site. I was walking from the entrance to the atrium, there were more people at the entrance and kiosk but not much human traffic inside the atrium space. The experience going from the entrance all the way to the atrium felt like it was a filter through the space. The kiosk - felt like there were more human interaction but as you advance further into the space it slowly opens up to be a more communal area.


Configuration Process

Sectional Perspective

The space has been broken down into 3 parts - the Market Space which has the kiosk, moving to the interactive space where people can purchase items on display and the transition space where they can rest. Throughout the entire journey in the space, there will be moments where people can experience different types of response in the space.


At the entry, the ceiling are undulated giving a more inviting atmosphere to the space. It moves at intervals to give a different experience every time someone enters the space. By bringing some of urban materials that people are familiar with other buildings. Also the choice of using these materials is to make the space warm & welcoming. The kiosk roof lights up indicating that it is open for easy identification in the space.

Interactive Space

In this space, the main interaction with the space is the opportunity for people to purchase things with their phones and collect them through the pulley systems. The space also can host small workshops encouraging interactions in the community


Lastly before proceeding on into the main atrium, the transition space gives users an opportunity to rest in the space. Slowing them down before they continue their journey into the space.