Rumford Works

This urban intervention utilises a dense, elemental form as part of a wider master plan to concentrate the unique and vibrant character of the Barras and compose a clearly articulated public realm.

Giving agency to residents and acknowledging their immediate needs, a rich assemblage of support services at ground floor level provide facilities to the local community, targeting employment, health, happiness and poverty while drawing on the rich cultural heritage and personality of the Barras.

Combined with flexible work/live units above of varying configurations, tenures and sizes, this urban intervention aims to give agency to those who need it most and provide for a diverse demographic, while remaining mindful of the ever- changing cultural makeup of Calton.

This proposal is not for one target group, rather it acknowledges the breadth of likely resident and so works to accommodate this via its flexible cell arrangement.

A holistic design methodology, rooted in human experience, frames all of this by way of composing tangible, perceivable moments of passage.

These memorable encounters work to denote a separation across all scales of the intervention; from work to live, home to street, and street to district. Space, light and form create a dynamic experience and allow for moments of contemplation and presence, targeting the subconscious in tandem with the more rational, conscious support provided in the rich programme at ground floor level.

The programme of support services acts as a vehicle for success and works holistically to provide agency for residents from all backgrounds while integrating newly arrived residents from out-with the UK.

These distinct separations and the clear composure of space are explored in response to the writings of Hans Van Der Laan who considers the proportion and volume of a space in relation to the thickness of a threshold. He considers this key to the human ability to perceive space and the passage through it.

These moments of passage form experiential cues which aim to create a sense of home in the city, a sense of community in the district and a sense of sanctuary in the home.

Domesticity & Labour

Section A-A

Section B-B

Ground Floor Plan

Location Plan

The Defined Edge & Threshold

Elemental Massing Model

South Elevation

Domesticity & Labour

Aggregation of Cells

Cell Type A, Ground Floor

Cell Type A, First Floor

Cell Type B, Ground Floor

Reinstating the Block

Courtyard View