Salt Bazaar: introduction

Salt Bazaar is Glasgow’s newest multi-level, year-round market place and social hub, situated within a former carpark building in the heart of Glasgow. The traders at the market are a diverse mix of Glasgow creatives and indie shop owners.

This market aims to support small business traders by giving them a space that they are comfortable with, surrounded by a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. During the Covid pandemic, many small businesses have been forced to close and many artists, makers and designers have turned to social media to sell their work. This will be a place that would help these people to develop their business from an online only business to a physical space where they can grow and reach new customers.

The visitors to this market are encouraged to spend time, relax, shop and play while exploring the levels of this bazaar. My desire is that this market be an extraordinary destination for the people of Glasgow to enjoy and cultivate a supportive environment where small business can thrive.

Market Floor

Small shops and stalls