For my 4th Year project I wanted to design a space in which people from all backgrounds could come and relax. For this spa and bath house, I wanted to create a space where people in the Southside have a place for rest and relaxation. I wanted this space to feel like a community hub where everyone can come and take a minute from the rush of the outside world.

I also wanted this place to be more accessible than what most would think of a spa, and take out the exclusivity and elitism of high cost spas and bring it to a wider audience without making feel like a cheaper experience. I still want this place to exude a fresh and welcoming feeling and give a sense of community. I want to offer amenities such as a bath house space, yoga facilities and treatment rooms at a lower cost without a lowering of quality and experience for the customer.

A place akin to what the Arlington Baths is for the communities around Woodlands and beyond, I want this space to be used by the community as well as commuters with its excellent transport links as a rest stop or a place for exercise before or after work. With many new commercial and residential sites being built in the area to this will be a nice centre point for all.

Welcome to Sanctuary.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan




Main Pool

Sauna and Steam Rooms

Sauna Interior

Dark Pools

Yoga Changing Area

Yoga Studio

Section BB

Second Reception

Treatment Rooms