“Scaffold Project Space” 2019 – Present

A crowd-funded, DIY project space located in a garage in North Belfast built as a space for collaboration and creative exchange through exhibition making processes.

‘For lack of  better voice’ – July 2019 

Luke McClean, Simon Shim Sutcliffe, Niall McCallum

‘Synaptic Transmission’ – September 2019

Danny Mulvenna, Sophie Thompson

‘Garage Song’ – February 2020

Mark Buckeridge


"Scaffold Project Space" 2019 - Present, before/after fabrication process

"For lack of a better voice" 2019, installation view

Luke McClean Simon Shim Sutcliffe Niall McCallum

"Synaptic Transmission" 2019, Gallery View

Daniel Mulvenna Sophie Thompson

"Garage Song", 2020, installation view

Mark Buckeridge photo: Simon Mills