Second Hand Cinema

For my typography project, I decided to explore the idea of a socially distant cinema and what the closest thing to a cinematic experience at home would be. As with the vast amount of streaming services available, it’s easy to take watching a film at home for granted when there is an abundance of things to choose from. To recreate the excitement of choosing a film, I started buying DVDs from second-hand shops. Having this physical experience brings back the nostalgia of getting to pick a film at Blockbuster and changes the attitude you have towards the film and the amount of respect you are willing to give it.

For my publication, I wanted to create something that gives back respect to the films that have made their way to a second-hand shop and are now going to be given the attention you would give to a film you’ve paid to see in the cinema. During this project, I mainly focus on improving my typographic skills and create a clean, classic layout that isn’t focused on trying to be gimmicky or say too much.

This is an ongoing project that would be realised as an insert in a magazine.

Double page spread mock up with descriptive text on one side and blue titles of the films on the right side

Second Hand Cinema Introduction

Introduction of Second Hand Cinema series, with the the titles on the right hand spread.
mockup spread, second page of the second hand cinema.

Second Hand Cinema - Drive

Second double page spread of Second Hand Cinema.
third spread showing the left spread with review on the left side and image of the main two characters in the desert.

There Will be Blood

Spread three of the Second Hand Cinema series.