Seeds is an accumulation of research focusing on agricultural practice, genetic code and loss of plant species.

The seed symbolises more than just the plant it would grow into but as an emblem of hope, new life, or the planet’s destruction, highlighting that individual and collective action can make a difference.

Planned left to right, although this isn’t required to engage with the work. The exhibition starts with Equilibrium, focusing on the balance of natural versus manufactured species, moving to the Singing Seed, demonstrating that seeds are overlooked, their importance quashed.


The centre of the exhibition houses the Seed of Doubt, with the questioning of agricultural practices. Seed of Hope focuses on how we can make change together if united, with strength in numbers. Dispersal shows the potential flourishing that comes from group involvement. Ticking Time Bomb reveals the precariousness of our situation, yet, when presented alongside Tipping Point, it shows that hope is not yet lost. Mind Sweeping highlights the importance of clearing the mind and focusing on the problem, moving away from Climate anxiety to Climate Action. The final two plates Seed Arc and The Collective, show that there cannot be the restoration of extinct plants’ genetic code, but collective action will replenish future generations.

Tipping Point (detail)

Ceramic (33cm x 26 cm).

Ticking Time Bomb (detail)

Ceramic (18 cm x 16 cm).

Singing Seed, Mind Sweeping, Equilibrium

Wearable Artwork, Silk Scarves (90 cm x 90 cm).
For Sale: available upon request

Seed Arc (detail)

Ceramic and mixed media (25 cm x 25 cm).

Seed of Hope (detail)

Ceramic and mixed media (26 cm x 16 cm).

Singing Seed (detail)

Print (90 cm x 90 cm).