‘SET THE SCENE’ – Design Process

furniture re-design

Always seeking new ways to interpret my design development and collecting old furniture became a source of my process. I saved this old cabinet from landfill, re-tiled it and painted some wine glasses to 'set a scene'.

Context in Fashion

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Inital research gathered from exploring with an open,imagaintiave eye.
Early explanatory visualisations

Why let a vase go to land fill?

Created stickers to help re-design this second hand vase to allow it a new life.

Paper Clip Repeat

MATERIAL PLAY & MANIPULATION: I wanted to use imaginative ways to create surface quality and off-loom woven textiles by experimenting with scrap materials/waste materials. I want the sample to be almost ambiguous - what is it made from? How was it made?
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Neon Tartan

Exploring simple 8 shaft patterns and focusing on colour combination - thinking of the weft as another drawing tool.

Re-purposing/ Re-design

Using waste materials such as bolts, cloth and wire to create off loom samples that focus heavily on surface quality.

Nuts and Bolts

Using material samples to start the development idea of furniture design

Material Chair

Sketchbook Page

Car Vest

Sensory Sofa

Collection of 3 jacquard samples all woven with concentration to the texture

Orange, Green & Pink

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Furniture Trio

Design Process

Fashion Sleeve

Weave on The Beach

A set design inspiration and images to credit by the work from set designer Shona Heath and Tim Walker.

Does It Have To Just Be A Lamp Shade?

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Sensory Sofa

Styling an editorial style shoot with all my woven samples and off-loom creative designs