The Shetland dialect (also known as Shaetlan) is a language with a complex history. A combination of Norn and Scots with Lower Germanic influence, Shaetlan has generally been passed down aurally through generations rather than in writing, meaning that there is very little formal literature on the subject.

This book aims to celebrate Shaetlan through providing educational insight into the dialect and its rich cultural history. Informative texts on the mechanics of Shaetlan provide a basis to further understand the applications of Shaetlan in poetry and prose, which provides insight into the life and culture of the isles. The book is designed with detail and legibility in mind- the text has been typeset so that it is easy to read smoothly. Shaetlan isn’t generally seen in a written format, and so with this careful attention to detail I hope to make it a more pleasant reading experience for someone uneducated in the dialect.

To accompany the text, a typeface was developed which references Shaetlan’s cultural and linguistic history through its letterforms. The type references the runes and carvings of the picts and vikings, with a subtle flare to suggest the more dramatic forms of blackletter and uncial calligraphy.