Shame For Sale

Can private matters remain private when displayed in public places?

If shame can be had, can it be given?

And if it can be given, can it be sold?

In this work of contradictions my aim is to interpret ideas concerning vulnerability in opening up about feelings of shame. Themes of responsibility and permission are also suggested throughout the work. In a time where I am becoming more aware of my identity as a young woman as well as an artist, I am trying to understand my own personal barriers as I seek to create a connection in this project between the personal and the professional. In Shame For Sale I put a part of myself on display and prompt the viewer to do the same through participation.

Front full view of 'Shame for Sale' installation. (100cm x 200cm x 200cm, Wood, steel, tulle, acrylic, soil, concrete, magnifying glass).
For Sale: Price on Request
View when entering the work at eye level. Image is taken standing on the first concrete slab.
Detail image taken whilst looking down. 'Don't Peek' is embroidered on the kneeling pillow. 'Don't Ask , Don't Tell' is carved into the concrete slabs.
Close-up image of acrylic 'broken' house. ( 50cm x 50 cm x 45cm, clear perspex , magnifying glass).
Close-up view seen when kneeling on the pillow provided , looking into the magnifying glass window . The word 'Shame' is found on a miniature property 'For Sale' sign.
View from outside the installation with a viewer interacting with the work. Viewers can also view the work without entering and in doing so are able to watch viewers "on display" inside.