Shameless is a social movement that defines being shameless as not only being brazen and bold but also about being brazen & bold during moments where silence seems like the most comfortable option. Our intention is to encourage you to look shame in the eye and not be defeated by its presence, instead walk over it and towards your purpose, while saying “Bye shame!”

The idea came after learning of my Bugis heritage and the Bugis-Makassar philosophy behind the word siri’, a term that means either shame or pride. The teachings of the past that have trickled into today’s society made me question if shame should threaten the way we live.

shame, shame, shame

Here’s a toast to being shameless 🥂✨ Where we witness shame is typically online and in some circumstance, offline too. The excerpt in the beginning of the video was a clip from Monica Lewinsky’s The Price of Shame, where she shared her experience in 1998, where she was the “patient zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” when the internet was beginning to gain traction. Today, the kind of public shame she faced has become constant with the progression of Internet and introduction of social media. To that we say fuck shame, for taking years of us and it’s about time we reclaim our name and purpose!


Humiliation is an emotion that transcend the surface of your skin, it goes deeper into your heart, living you feeling lost and helpless. It eats up every living bone in your body, leaving you vulnerable.


Shameless Manifesto

No telling me what I should be. No reminding me of how to live, to act, to dress. Oh, no convincing me that my past is what disgrace me. Because I am shameless. No telling me what pride or dignity I have to uphold. No, you won’t define my success just to fit me into your mould Because me, I am shameless No I will not be damned by shame Just because of what my predecessor says No, I will not heed the dead decays, Because me, I am shameless No this is not blame, This is my purpose Now is time to reclaim my name Because yes I am shameless.

Was it shame that I brought?

A half-torn red speech bubble paper on black background with the text "Do you feel no shame when you act like that?"

I feel no shame.