AHS Horror Reimagined

AHS Horror Reimagined

Post-Production, “12:01”, Stereo Sound, 2022

10 seasons = 10 New Jump scares

WARNING! The following video contains material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audience. Sexual Violence, Sex References, Violence, Injury detail.

“AHS Horror Reimagined” is a compilation of all introductions from a series called American Horror Story. With every season having the same core melody to it, only to be modified in some seasons, I decided to give the series a new feel to it by creating my own melody, which I used for every season and modified it by using different instruments, different amounts of layers and in some cases adding extra layers to bring that original feel to the specific seasons.

Experience the sound of horror through the ears of a music producer and Art School student. Every season delivers a different feel and atmosphere to the viewer’s experience. From circus to asylum, from hotel to Donald Trump becoming president, dive and immerse yourself into the world of horror.

How can originally created music and sound be replaced with a different view of horror but still sound so good? The project is centered around introductions to 10 seasons of a well-known TV series – American Horror Story which I use as a starting point. Every Season Introduction re-imagined the music, sound design, and recordings from a different artist’s perspective. With the main melody behind the footage remaining the same, different instruments are being used in every season to help visualize the feeling of horror in every season. While listening to the peace the listener will be able to hear not only how sound can be re-imagined in different ways but also how added detail and ear candy can make the whole experience so much better. Every soundtrack having its own theme will bring the viewer closer to the visualized locations.

The main focus behind the project was to use a similar approach to sound as the AHS music composers had when creating the theme music, by using the same melody in every season which builds the familiarity between seasons allowing viewers to recognize the series just from the sound alone.

To create my version of AHS Introductions I took heavy inspiration from the real AHS introductions by using the structure which follows every season allowing me to maintain the familiarity of the series but with a twist as I decided to modify the structure by having – musical elements, rhythmic drums, and self-recorded and edited sound effects to make it more immersive to the viewer.

AHS Horror Reimagined - Ernestas Kivilsa