Sicilian Comic Melancholy

Sicilian Comic Melancholy is a photo series by Sicilian artist and photographer Francesco Tagliavia.
According to Francesco Comic Melancholy is an element inherent to the chemistry of Sicilians. Devoid of color and odorless, it is an emotional state that pervades Sicilians when we find ourselves spending time on the island. Melancholy is a feeling that, generally speaking, is perceived when you leave or when you return. In Sicily melancholy is a constant for those who stay. Though hard to describe and harder to photograph, for the past few years Francesco has documented the visual component of this phenomenon. These images deal with the same contradictory themes, particularly that of time and how it is measured. Francesco believes Sicilians are set to a different time, hours and minutes passing through in a rhythm particular to the island itself. Notably, the Sicilian language has no future tense, we live in the now and in the what was. As the stereotype goes, we’re never early, always late. His photography tends to reflect that, and more often than not he arrives at the scene right after everything is over, witnessing the second-hand moments of the fresh past.

Published by Brioche