Sistema Music retreat

The project is situated within Balloch, a town on the Southern end of Loch Lomond, Scotland. Positioned between the highlands and lowlands, it offers views across the Scottish Highlands from the northern most point of the site, where the retreat is placed.

This project is designed to function as a residential music retreat for ‘Sistema BIG Scotland’, a charity at the forefront of bettering children’s lives through the use and teaching of music. The project in its entirety comprises of two separate buildings: A public concert hall designed for the community, and a private residential building intended to reside 32 teenagers and 10 members of staff. The function of the residential retreat is for the teenagers and staff to come together, learn and teach music as well as socialize throughout the year with stays ranging from one to several weeks. The retreat will allow the teenagers – often from disadvantaged or troubled backgrounds – to develop transferable skills and increase self-awareness through experiencing community as well as privacy.


1:5000 location plan

Location plan showing wider context and highlighting path from Balloch town centre to the Sistema music retreat.

1:500 Site plan

A site plan showing immediate context of the music retreat.

1:200 Site diagram

This diagram shows the plans in context, highlighting various components of the site