Sister Videos

It wasn’t hard to get here, not as hard as I would’ve thought. It’s been warm out and I picked a scab from a midge bite on my foot. I picked it until it was sore, red and open with a thin puffy pink line of skin framing it. It looked like a deep red mirror and I couldn’t help picking deeper, half aware that I was digging into myself. I widened the hole until it was just big enough, and I thrust my head in, diving down, turning everything inside out.

Come With Me and Spit It Out! are sister pieces, made to be watched in no specific order.



Spit It Out!

2021 / Single-channel HD Video (dur. 00:07:33) / Piano composition: Daniel Wood \ Filmed: South Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and Glasgow, Scotland

Come With Me

2020 / Single-channel HD Video (dur. 00:06:25) / Filmed: Glasgow, Scotland, Los Angeles, California, and Mojave Desert, California