Mitchel Street Carpark

This indie market will be located at 81 Mitchell Street which is currently an NCP carpark.
This large concrete landscape carpark building will house a multi level market with each floor providing something new and exciting. The large spiral ramp within the building will create a exciting and dynamic transitional spaces between each floor.
Sustainability is part of the ethos of the market and so using an old carpark and transforming it into a pedestrian hub is apt to the project as well as in line with Glasgow’s zero emission future.


The carpark facade will be transformed with a biophilic design to increase connectivity to the natural environment and to illustrate how the market is bursting with life. .

The floors will be left open with the addition of vertical louvres to give some protection from the elements. By keeping the market floors open, the spaces are not only well ventilated and healthy but also creates a street market atmosphere in the spaces.


isometric view of building

facade lightroom-5