Site Observation: Void Deck

Void deck – an open public space found on the ground floor of Singapore public housing (HDB), commonly used for transiting through blocks or communal activities. The void deck is the closest public space to our home. It is void of any functions and programmes, which gave birth to its name. It can be perceived as a mundane space that we just use to get across blocks within our residential blocks. However, is it void? To me, I beg to differ.

Void Deck reveals to us the potential of how a void space can transform through moments of communal activities such as the traditional Malay Wedding and Chinese Funeral Services. Moments like this in the void deck reveals Singapore’s unique communal and cultural heritage which could be an important answer to how can Singapore spaitialise a public space and engage communities.

Empty Void Deck @ My Housing Block

Old lady lingering in the void deck,

Malay Wedding in the Void Deck

Chinese Funeral Services in the Void Deck