Sixth Floor

People who use this site, whether its the staff working here or the visitors that come here searching for new options for their ailments may have to bring their children with them. For some it be because they don’t have anywhere to send their children while they’re here. For others it may be because this is only one of their stops on their day out and they need to bring the kids to the next stop. The function of this floor to keep children entertained and occupied. The staff on this floor will make sure that the children remain safe and happy so that parents can rest assured while they are busy.

This floor consists of a reception that parents can check in and pick up their kids from, a play space, dining space, TV room, reading space with seating, nap room and bathroom with child size toilets and baby changing facilities and a disabled access toilet.

Sixth Floor

Floor plan of the sixth floor


Children's dining space

Visual of dining space on on the sixth floor

Lotus pattern

Bagh print inspired pattern by uses lotus and roses as the main motifs.