skirfare – collection

Natural light, and its qualities of reflection, diffusion and refraction, are a significant consideration throughout this collection of work. Characteristics of the play of light on elements of transparency, pattern and surface texture allow for specific sensory experiences in both the wearer and viewer. In this sense, the jewellery presented here is intended to invoke a feeling of calm, thoughtfulness and an aspect of nostalgia, reflecting human perceptions of nature and the environment. Metals, such as fine copper and brass mesh, help to produce an impression of transparency, flexibility and delicacy. Hammering of different intensities affects the distribution and alteration of light on these metals, flooding small areas with brightness while others remain in the shadows, just as daylight affects the landscape in endless patterns that appear over variegated grounds.

nk print layered over a photograph of yorkshire landscape
digital collage: ink print and landscape
Brass mesh, hammer textured, layered digitally over a photograph of a yorkshire river.
digital collage:textured brass and water
Pencil drawing layered over a photo of Yorkshire landscape at sunset
digital collage: pencil drawing and landscape
Pencil drawing layered digitally over a photograph taken in Queens Park, Glasgow
digital collage: pencil drawing and woodland