An imagined exhibition at Dundee’s V&A that explores the history of western women’s trousers from 1851 to the present, covering significant styles from different decades – eg. 1850’s bloomers, 1970’s flares – and the women who popularised them.
I wanted the branding to give an indication of antiquity as well as modernity – the push for gender equality is clearly an ongoing issue but I imagine the exhibition as being a demonstration of the immense progress of the past century. Additionally, I wanted to work on a project which pushed me into exploring various design mediums – in this case, logo and identity design, wayfinding, captions, and exhibition design. This project is therefore the bulk of work in my fourth year.
‘Slacks’ would be family-friendly and engaging to all, covering social and political history, fashion,
feminist/civil rights movements, and more. There is also the allure of nostalgia for those who lived through these eras.

V&A entry poster

Mocked up example of exhibition poster outside the Dundee V&A.

Exhibition Logo

souvenir tote mockup

initial sketches

Potential concept

Combining V&A and Slacks logos.

final poster design

poster mockup

exhibtion pallette

lamp post banner flats

wayfinding decade design