Solace: Challenging perceptions of choice in cancer care

This was a two-part project, looking at the future of cancer and how this may be affected by advances in ‘Collective Intelligence’. With the first part focussing on ‘world-building’, creating a future context as a group that our individual projects would exist within.

With the mass reduction and defunding of the NHS citizens in 2030 will no longer have the luxury of accessible GP appointments and easy to access healthcare information. This, alongside the increased involvement of commercial organisations in the healthcare sector means that uncertainty and misinformation is a growing issue. Solace uses Artificial Intelligence to relieve stress with fast, reliable, succinct answers to concerns over how trustworthy or accurate medical information is. Solace aims to challenge perceptions of cancer information by tailoring responses to queries or concerns via users’ self-direction in order to reach people on a deeper, more personal level. Solace collates the concerns and queries of the community at-large through its users in order to inform care professionals of the need for action, such as the organising of cancer screenings or workshops at a local level bringing people together through shared experience using Collective Intelligence

Prevention and Detection: The World of 2030

This world map was created during the first part of this project. It shows how we envisioned our 2030 and the various aspects of our world that we chose to focus on

Prevention and Detection: The World of 2030

This video aims to show how the Solace project exists within the cancer Prevention and Detection 'World of 2030'. Showing the interlocking stories of the three users I focussed on and contextualising their experiences of Cancer information in 2030.

Solace: Challenging perceptions of choice in Cancer Information in 2030 - Interaction

This video shows how a user would receive and interact with their Solace, as well as how it exists within their home and becomes and integrated part of the home of 2030.

Solace Narrative

This storyboard shows the extended narrative of the solace system, including multiple users and how their stories become connected due to Collective Intelligence and the Solace system.

Solace Artefact Variations

The different variations of the Solace artefact I used to communicate the project. Using both digital and physical means as well as a combination of the two.