Sole Life – Self Initiated Project

SoleLife – Self Initiated Project – Designing around the memories people make with their shoes, and also elongating the lifespan of them so the user can wear them for longer.

SoleLife is inspired by two different areas surrounding footwear.

One being the emotional connection people have with their footwear and the sentimental value an individual holds with their shoes. A common theme that appeared frequently throughout my research was the emotional value a pair of shoes hold within the individual. With many people associating shoes with special memories, this makes it hard for individuals to part with their beloved shoes. This led me down a path exploring how one can celebrate these memories but also still make use of their old shoes regardless of how worn they are.

The other area is the environmental impact the footwear industry has on the planet, with a large amount of the worlds waste originating from the footwear industry. As I researched why people struggle to throw away old footwear, this led me to researching the life cycle of a standard pair of shoes and identifying the best place I could intervene. This was at the end of a shoes life, at the point where the users shoes are no longer of use to them, but they have such fond memories with them that they struggle to part ways, and if they do theytypically end up in a landfill.

Following my research in both of these areas surrounding footwear my response is SoleLife. A quarterly subscription service that celebrates the memories we make in our shoes, making the emotional connection between the user, their shoes and the ground tangible while also providing an option to elongate the life of their favourite shoes giving them more protection and a new splash of colour if the user desires.

SoleLife Features

Shown above is SoleLife's features - tracking where you walk to create your own map, casting the imprint of your shoe to remember the wear and tear, and applying our Bio Sole-Ution to elongate the lifespan of your shoes.

SoleLife User Journey

User journey for SoleLife

SoleLife Maps

User admiring the journeys they have taken in their shoes as the quarterly maps layer up over time creating speculative patterns over the cast of their shoes sole.

Connecting SoleLife Tracker

Connecting SoleLife Tracker to the app in order to track your steps and where you travel in your chosen shoes

SoleLife Tracker

The SoleLife Tracker attaches to the laces of your shoes and tracks where you walk in these chosen shoes so every quarter you can chose your favourite routes.

SoleLife Casting

Casting your footprint on SoleLife Impression foam allows you to capture the footprint of your chosen shoe before you continue to wear it more, and grants a place you can display your maps on when you build them up over time.

Applying SoleLife Bio Sole-Ution

SoleLife's Bio Sole-Ution gives the users soles a protective coating that expands the life of the users shoes allowing them to carry on wearing them for longer and even give them a new splash of colour if they desire.

Bio Sole-Ution Sepia Tan

Bio Sole-Ution Sepia Tan applied on shoe

Bio Sole-Ution Sage Green

Bio Sole-Ution Sage Green applied on shoe

SoleLife Packaging

When SoleLife is delivered it comes with your map of chosen routes, a blank casting block and a jar of Bio Sole-Ution

SoleLife App

Using the SoleLife App to select your 6 favourite routes you have walked in your chosen shoes from the last 12 weeks.

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