Sound Walk in Grangemouth

For this project, I was tasked with creating and carrying out a brief, of which I could choose my own way of doing this. The project that I decided on was to create a sound walk using more than one recording device comparing the results in terms of audio quality and what the use of a wind guard will do for each recorder. This will take the form of a website that will contain a page for each recording device.

I started to look at the location that I was going to be recording, near where I live there is a somewhat sizeable park with a long trail through the middle that moves parallel to a man-made river that is constantly moving up and down in level depending on the weather. The park is a large play park and after its construction, it has been filled with screaming kids having fun but before it was under construction and I managed to get recordings of this. Before and during I used Machel Chion modes of listening before I used causal listening to discover what sounds I would be recording then I used reduce listening during to see what these sound could be used for and I discover that the sound of the park with a little distortion and EQ could sound like demonic screams with the names of the kid being yield out sounds like the souls of the dammed

The recordings that I managed to collect was done over multiple days and the experience was an interesting one trying to collect the sounds in a public space is a skill that I have not had to use as much as working with Pro-Tools never less it was a valuable skill the develop as this will allow me to make sound libraries and live foley for sound design work.