SoundScape by Liam Scott

Both of these projects where and had heavily inspired from both my love and experiences going and happening during these time and what made these special to me. I wanted to show but show how much my work has went on and improved but the wide area of work and themes I can work with and do that both showed testing my abilities to work on environment ambience projects.

Amazon RainForest

A Walk Through The Amazon During and around this time I did this which was in late 2019, there was a lot of natural and man made environmental damages going on around the world. 2 more specifically, the horrible bush fires started in the end of 2019 going into 2020 and around the same time, the people in Brazil destroying large amounts of the rainforest without permission to make more room for cattle farming, it hurt as with both major things happening, the loss of nature and the lives in them where also damaged and lost and the fear as it went on that the experiences you would have and see/hear would be lost as too much could be gone and not recovered. this may be a lot to read and feel but it showed and let my love and passion of making and creating the sounds/audios that make and fill our world and how much we take advantage and/or ignore the amazing and incredible beauty of the nature and what fills and makes it show

Horror Sci-fi

a horror theme type project that used the play of MIDI and Voice manipulation that added and themed this project it was my first ever soundscape and my start of eduction fully into sound only (a dear and late friend also helped me in small ways with it, so it holds a lot of value for me) also hope you can guess what audio/sound in this audio piece is actually my voice?