To help me with this project and inspired by the works of Gee’S Bend quiltmakers and crafts in marginalised communities, I formed a little network of knitters. Together during lockdown, we connected through Zoom or messaged on WhatsApp and knitted squares which they would then post to me to add to the patchwork. I would like to thank everyone who donated their scrap bits of yarn to me and Hannah Moitt, Leonie Edmead, Tamsin MacArthur, Jeremiah Vaughan, Sophie Constant, Olivia Juett, Samantha Ofili, Jessica Blackburn, Letty Kennedy and Michelle from the Scottish Machine Knitters Association for helping me with this project.

Would also like to thank Theo King for making the music for my installation and my cousin Neriah for beautifully reading this very hard to read William Dunbar poem ‘Of Ane Blak-Moir’ which inspired this installation.