Stage 2- Live&Work Row Housing

The aim of this project was to create a scheme of houses that consists of 18-24 units, but with an added work space.

The site of New Lanark held many aspects of consideration, such as its steep topography and World Heritage status. These 2 factors were integral to the success of the project.

Physically, as the topography determined form, and ethically as New Lanark must follow strict criteria to keep its World Heritage status.

Research has proven that New Lanark was a place ahead of its time, pushing the boundaries of architecture and its ethical value, hence I believe that the ideology behind New Lanark should be conserved, and not so much the physical structure.

New Lanark was a radical scheme that had the workers at its heart, it allowed cleaner working conditions, green space, days off, schooling for children and a fair wage- community was key.

This ideology for care is what I want to preserve, and believe this concept can be modernized.

Research found that being outdoors and in nature can help accelerate the healing process, taking full advantage of the sites and their surroundings.

Location Plan

Access to the site was a key consideration due to its steep topography.

Outdoor Work

The proposal would offer a large range of outdoor activities which run in teams, to further create connection, cooperation and teamwork within the residents. Studies have shown being outdoors also help in the healing process.

Floor Plan

Exploded Axo

Long Section

Site Model

View at Top of Stairs

Room for 4 People

Work Configuration

Silent Monitor

A unique deatil of New Lanark, used as a passive method of social control. The colours reflect how effienct the workers are, but in the proposal this colour scheme has been used to create teams within the monoliths and bring people together.