Stage 2- The Convivial Library

The ideology of design was inspired by Walter Segal’s “Walters way” a self build timber housing commune in England during the 1970s.

Key aspects of this methodology were convivial living and sustainability of materials, both of which I believe are extremely relevant in today’s climate.

I was inspired by the tree-like structure inside the library and the poetic relationship between manufactured structure and organic form.

Campo Baeza’s work and Carlo Scarpas “castelvecchio” were two main studies that helped me greater understand the relationship of nature, boundaries and levels in an architectural spatial context.

I wanted each space to be unique and meets the needs of specific age demographics that use the library, whilst offering a range of media and facilities to draw people back to revisit and reuse the library.

Site Photograph

“A tree blossoms in the library, the books are her Fruit, the structure her trunk. She is, was, and always will be Knowledge. It is our choice, our genesis. Pick a book, take a bite.”

Ground Floor

First Floor Plan



Mass Model

Mass Model, Close View

Mass Model, Intervention