Stage 4 – A Visual Research Project

The Rise of Tenements

An analysis of The Tenements Identity, characteristics, influences
and its relation to forming a Burgh.

This dissertation conducts a case analysis on multiple influences related to ‘The Glasgow Tenement’ in the context of adaptability, overpopulation, and functionality. It draws upon Frank Worsdall and his deep analysis of Glasgow’s domestic architecture; through Lost Glasgow by Carol Foreman, it examines Glasgow’s forgotten architectural heritage. With several other books and dissertations like Glasgow -The Forming of the city (Peter Reed – 1993), The Castles of Scotland (Martin Coventry -1995), Lost Edinburgh (Hamish Coghill – 2005) and a dissertation written in 1972 by Watt, J.M. The Glasgow Tenement the research dives deeper into the several origins of the ‘Tenement’.


Further examining asks – through a comparison of plans, sections, and images (accessible to me at this given time) – What are the oldest Scottish Influences on the ‘continental form of housing typified by the Tenement’? – How did Tenements and their influences adapt to specific situations like overpopulation, industrialisation, “glorified urban living”, and economic distress?