Stage 4 – Urban Housing

Design Thesis


I am looking to create a contemporary and communal design district. This new design district will coexist with the existing flea market promoting mixing and juxtaposition of the two. Both would have a commercial aspect while keeping their respective communities a priority. The existing community and the new community will merge using communal squares, community-organized activities in building C and exhibition/ workshop spaces organized or maintained by budding resident artists.


Building C attempts to connect the existing community with the new design district. On the ground floor is an internet café, a small auditorium. The first floor is a small-scale community organized conservatoire. And the rest of the floors would morph into an interactive art and design community centre. The activities on these floors would be organized by the resident artists living in communal flats adjoining building C.


The new residents and the old would be able to take advantage of these spaces in building C may it be children or adults. The residential flats would also carry the communal aspect by having open spaces on each floor for a variety of social activities. The resident artists would always be changing throughout the year, this would bring diversity and unpredictability to the type of art, music and communal environment the design district has to offer.