Supporting films

I have tried to take a hands on, practical approach to filmmaking; creating as much as possible and experimenting with different cameras, techniques and editing styles. My ideas around composition, narrative and imagery have developed through this experimental process.

A Bit of a Blur

Out of focus and blurry but still beautiful and intriguing.

Water, Water and more Water

In this film I am continuing my research and development around the subject of water. Not bound to a specific place this film simply captures random moments and movements that caught my attention. I often work in this spontaneous way, never completely planning what my next shot will be but letting the environment guide the film’s development. This film aims to emphasise the range of colours, textures and forms found in water.

Snow in Kelvingrove

My first Super 8 film. Exploring the light and textures around Kelvingrove Park

A Different Edit

Using footage from 'Five Days'. It is interesting to edit the same footage in different ways; playing with composition and narrative, as well as getting multiple viewpoints on how the film could exist. It has been an important part of my film development to experiment with my editing and challenge my own ideas about how a film should look.