Switch It Up – Health and Wellbeing Educational Game

Continuing on from Part 1- Future Experiences, I revisited our collaborative future world context. Part 2 was initially spent reviewing area’s of interest from Part 1 and focussing on sustaining normality beyond cancer.

During the individual aspect of Future Experiences Part 2, I  developed an interactive educational experience that allows children to interact with complex issues such as cancer. The more children know about cancer the less likely they are to bully, harass or be afraid of cancer.

Switch it up – Animal Park is a concept game aimed to enable conversations and education around cancer in younger children.  The advances of collective intelligence in 2030 allow us to bridge the gap between healthcare and education through research and development. The game portrays the child’s imagination with AR bringing their character to life. Throughout the game children will collect points whilst exploring a series of questions and challenges for clues to find their character. Each game, question and discussion card relates to symptoms, emotions and treatments of cancer. It then monitors and adapts the child’s experience using feedback loops on the game application. The outcome aims to expand social circles, educate and encourage involvement with the concept of cancer, through fun games, exploring with AR, trading and discussion. The success of the products will be if the children engage in conversations thus destigmatising and removing the fear of cancer. Learning, sharing and discussing.

Concept Game

User Interface

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