Symbiotic Realities

Working as a group, the project Future Experiences required us to research, develop and present a 2031 future world that enabled Symbiosis through the domain of health and an environment-centred perspective. Using our future world as a reference, we had to individually select an aspect to develop into and design a product, experience or service through an environment-centred perspective with the domain of health maintaining a symbiotic relationship.

Based within a Biophilic City in 2031, Symbiotic Realities is located within the botanical gardens and brings nature to life for young people through an immersive and educational virtual reality experience.

Using virtual reality and all the user’s senses, Symbiotic Realities takes a user through various ecosystems in nature helping them to understand the effects climate change has on the environment in a fast-forwarded setting.

The playful and immersive experience rebuilds a user’s emotional connection to nature which promotes individual changes within communities which has a further future impact of helping the environment’s health globally.

Symbiotic Realities Poster

Symbiotic Realities Storyboard

Symbiotic Realities Research

Symbiotic Realities Research 2

Materialising Moments

User Journey Mapping

Symbiotic Realities Model

Symbiotic Realities User Testing

Model 360 view

Symbiotic Realities Video

I created a brief video representing a pitch for the Symbiotic Realities virtual reality experience. It contextualises the issues regarding how human activity and climate change has affected coral reefs and shows how a small change can create a larger impact.