The way we build currently is not sustainable. At the moment the building industry is responsible for 850 million tonnes of landfill waste every year in Europe alone. Most buildings built today are made primarily from concrete, a natural resource that is running out drastically. Our consumption of sand in concrete is sourced mainly from the ocean and is causing the erosion of beaches to the point where so far worldwide over 25 islands have disappeared from the face of the earth, as a direct result of our irresponsible way of building. This has to stop.

This flexible wall design is supposed to act as a simple solution that allows for an easy and resourceful renovation and repurposing of existing buildings. Tallywall is a concept that tackles the ever-growing amount of building waste we produce by re-using existing spaces with new floor plans and functions. The idea is that exteriors of buildings are merely shells that can be easily repurposed anytime using flexible walls. This way they don’t have to be demolished.