Community Hub & Unity Level

The central part of the exterior of the building is designed in the neo-baroque style, the central hub is inspired by that and designed to feel like a community centre/youth club. The glass tubular partition on the ground floor is a take on the ceiling rosettes typically found in these types of buildings, arches are also very common which is why I have separated the spaces with them.

The community hub is a space to enable the residents to form bonds over their shared experience, a feeling like you belong to a community can help with achieving wellbeing.

There are various zones within the community hub each with a different function – table hockey, conversation, eating etc. For example, the glass tubular partition on the ground floor of the hub is frosted to provide some privacy from the rest of the space, within this glass partition are oversized hanging basket chairs which are placed in a way as to promote conversations.

The upstairs of the community hub is a social space where residents and staff members can spend time learning, creating and enjoying each others company. I have zoned each area to create a large kitchen space, dining and creating space and an area where they can watch movies, tv or play games.

Ground and First Floor Plans

Ground Floor

First Floor

Community Hub Ground Floor - Draft Unity Game Level

I had planned on creating a game walkthrough for the entire project with interactive elements such as the customisations the residents have over their flats but some people who had tried to use the draft level ran into difficulties so I created the 360 degree video tour instead. HOW TO USE: Click in the game window when it opens to activate the controls. Use the mouse to look around and either the arrow keys or WASD keys to walk around press Esc to deactivate controls.